perjantai 24. tammikuuta 2014


Somehow all this should make a corset from the year 1880. I won't lie, I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone here.

On one hand, I really want to get started and get the corset done, because after that I can begin sewing the dress which I really want to do. On the other hand, I'm scared to begin, because based on my previous attempts with corsetry and staymaking, there's a fair chance that everything will go spectacularly wrong. Maybe the pieces will sew themselves if I stare at them long enough.

I've made a chemise, though. I've been having a Hercule Poirot binge for about a week and a half now, watching all the seasons of that great series and sewing pintucks on my new chemise. I got the pattern from the Fashions of the Gilded Age I, and then modified it slightly. All is hansewn, as usual. I like it and I hope it works with the corset, if I ever get around making it.



5 kommenttia:

  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes I get all brave and think I'll get a pattern and the fabric and make one...then I think about it more and get scared. Tell myself I'm not ready yet.

  2. Don't be scared! Someone, who can make even a plain chemise look like a piece of art, should not be intimidated by making a corset ;)

  3. I know all too well how intimidating stepping out of the comfort zone is, but I'm sure your corset is going to be a success! And the chemise is so beautiful! I love how detailed your work always is.

  4. Your chemise is absolutely beautiful! And I'll bet your corset will be too. Have you thought about using a video to help you as you're making it? Jennifer from Historical Sewing has a video you can buy from her Home Workshop Series. I took one of her classes online for my Edwardian corset and it really helps to SEE it being done, not just trying to read instructions.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I dived in and I'm now trying to be patient and not to rush this. Maybe that way I'll be able to get this done :)