lauantai 20. elokuuta 2011

Happiness is a finished costume

Now, then. The caraco ensemble is suddenly finished. I even trimmed the hat to go with the costume and of course there are pictures. I have to say that this is by far my favourite costume; today when I put it on it suddenly... worked. And with the cap and the hat I just got the right feeling :)

If you're a dame you must have a hat. I can't stop praising the paper yarn which I used for this hat, it just worked so nicely.

torstai 18. elokuuta 2011

Quick photos of the nearly ready caraco ensemble

Phew. The trimming is now in place and the sleeves sewn on. I threw on the whole costume to see how it looks and to determine the placement of buttons:

Please ignore the daring flounce of petticoats. I really need to shorten them but just haven't got around doing it yet...

Shock! Horror! Actual legs showing! I knitted these stockings just because I can :) They're a very plain toe-up model, and I used my favourite merino wool-silk blend yarn. The garters are just a lenght of red cotton ribbon.

keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

Caraco in the making

For the past months I've been making a caraco jacket. Well, a kind of a caraco. It seems that there are many variations of this garment and mine is sort of a midway solution. I chose to make my caraco a little bit shorter because I'm short myself and a longer version looked a bit heavy.
Here everything is just pinned on as I was testing what the whole get-up would look together. Since then I've shortened the jacket a good 10cm and added ruched trimming made of the petticoat fabric (nice lightweight taffeta). I still have to set in sleeves, make the buttonholes to the false comperes front and sew on the buttons, with which I'm really pleased. The first time I tried embroidery on fabric-covered buttons and they turned out very nice :)

tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

Aloitusongelmia - Beginning difficulties

Piitkän pitkän harkinnan jälkeen päätin sitten aloittaa blogin. Tarkoituksena minulla on kirjoitella harrastuksistani: käsitöistä, puvustuksesta, kansanmusiikista ja tanssista. Kunhan nyt ensin saisin tämän ohjelman tottelemaan...

After a long consideration and plenty of pondering I decided to start writing a blog. I mean to write about my hobbies: crafts, costuming, folk music and dance. If only I get this program to do what I want it to do...