perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2013

Progress on the pelisse front

I've been sewing a lot lately and the pelisse is coming together nicely. All the main parts are assembled and I should start with the trimmings and the beading but I'm putting it off, because it's just so much work... I'll get on with it, soon, I swear! Maybe today or tomorrow... I took some photos yesterday when I was trying it on to see how it looks over a gown.

I'm going to make a bonnet covered with fabric; it's going to be the same shape as the paper yarn version I have on here.

The hem is very nice and full, pattern after Jean Hunnisett

I really like the collar and the petal sleeve caps!

As said, I wanted to make a bonnet to go with the pelisse and I drafted a pattern for one after the paper yarn bonnet I made last year. It took a little tweaking, but frankly wasn't too difficult and I'm very pleased with the result. I still need to find fabric with which to cover the hat; I have no idea what colour woud be good. Maybe red like the long ribbon I have on the paper yarn bonnet? I'd like to have the bonnet match as many of my existing garments as possible. Black seems a bit severe and I don't think white would work. I don't want to use the pelisse fabric on the bonnet too, that would be too matchy-matchy.

Silly hats day: the crown of the bonnet on a test run

Gettin sillier, though I like the shape of this hat and the brim
I need to shorten the corners of the brim a little, they keep catching on my shoulders