sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2019

1920s photoshoot

It seems that the only costuming stuff I do these days are photoshoots...
I had another day out with, and this time I took my 20s dresses and cocoon coat out for a spin. I also had a chance to wear the über-oriental tiara again.

I made both the dresses out of vintage saris and I'm fairly pleased with them. The patterns are my own, and especially the buttercream and black one I pretty much draped on the dress form and went from there.

I don't really have any proper twenties foundation garments, and in retrospect something busom-flattening would have been good. Ah well, next time.

I was happy with my hairdo for once; I changed my hair care routine in the beginning of this year, with the goal of embracing my natural curls and I really love it so far. For this 20s do I refreshed my curls, set my hair in pin curls with my curling cream and slept on it. In the morning I took the curls down and managed to produce a fairly decent, pseudo-marcel waved look. Win :)

For the coat I used the Folkwear Poiret Cocoon Coat  pattern and I'm happy with that too.

This way to the photos (which turned out too too divine).

No corset, I'm gonna lounge!

I kept feeling like a sphinx or something, wearing that crown, so we tried our hand in some 1920s surrealism. I have no idea what's going on here.

The Ankle

An Irish dancer, trying to do other dance styles: what do I do with my arms, help?!

tiistai 2. lokakuuta 2018

Memory of summer

I had yet another photoshoot day with my photographer pal. This time we did 18th century and I wore my floral print jacket, white petticoat and straw bergere. Back to the nature :)

All photos @ Suvi Korpi. Please do not copy or repost without permission!

A couple of (actually so many, only two here) photos in the studio before going out.

This photo is so layered in content that I can't even. The venue is the ruins of an old church, built in the 16th century. It burned down in 1852 when my hometown burned in its entirety (and was subsequently moved 10km towards the coast and north. I'm standing there wearing 18th century clothes, and the photo was taken with a 21st century camera.

This might be my favourite.

There were sheep!