lauantai 30. heinäkuuta 2016


I just finished a new Regency dress because apparently that's all I do. It's sheer cotton which I dyed blue; the original colour was a drab mousy grey. Dyeing it with the ocean blue colourway made it nice Prussian blue which is so right for Regency and I really like the tone, so win!

I used the same bodice pattern as with the white fern dress, but I left of the neckline borders and made the neckline gathered instead. The sleeves are 3/4 length and I used my 18th century pattern for them. The dress closes with 4 hooks and thread loops, a tape tie underbust and a gathering ribbon on the neckline. Simple as you please.

I might embroider the dress later, but it works as it is. I like the lightness of it and I'm going to wear it to the Gustavian Day picnic we're having in my town next Saturday.

Here are some photos of the dress with all my fabulous hats :)

I made a separate post of this hat and the chemisette earlier.

I can't wear this hat with a straight face.