sunnuntai 9. elokuuta 2015

Flower print jacket and a take on 18th century styling

I made a new 18th century jacket this week, mainly because I wanted to have something new to wear at Isokyrö 18th century fair. I finished the piece just in time (read: stayed up until 3 a.m. on Friday night to put last stitches on it...) and it was a joy to wear. There were plenty of good reenactor photographers at the fair yesterday so I expect to get some nice pics of the whole get-up in action soonish, but meanwhile here are some I took today.

The jacket is a modified version of my earlier black swallowtail jacket. I made the petticoat this week too. I might embroider the hem later.

I changed the shape of the hem for this one, making it round rather than pointy

The fabric is the same Ikea bed sheet I used for my flowery anglaise. I still have heaps of it left...

The jacket is pinned close and it has a separate stomacher with ribbon decoration.

Since I dressed up for photos of the jacket I wanted to try some different styles with it. Here's what I came up with:

My Parisian chic

Party version of the anglaise

The anglaise doesn't have proper ribbons to pull the hem up, here it's just pinned and looks a bit strange.

Don't look at the hair too closely. I just threw some pins and hair rats at it and didn't style it properly.

sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

Gustavian day picnic

Earlier in the spring I and Sanna of Rococo Atelier started talking that it'd be nice to have a summer event of some kind that wouldn't require too much arranging, venue reservations or the like. We agreed that a picnic would be good and I proposed that we could have it as an open to all public event in the garden of the Museum of Old Vaasa in my home town.
The picnic was named Gustavian day so that people could wear either 18th century or early 19th century (i.e. Regency) clothes if they'd be so inclined. As always, the weather was the only variable we couldn't really control and over the week before the event the forecast changed a dozen times but in the end the weather yesterday was lovely, not too hot and it didn't rain, so for once we were in luck.

I'm so happy that the first event I arranged went so swimmingly and that so many friends took the trouble of travelling over for the day. There is a massive pile of photos, proceed with care.

Playing graces

Posing on the old well

We were trying to look like we were admiring the sights, the trees and the weather, hence the silly faces :)

One period engraving of paille-malle depicted this kind of stance, I swear.

Couture Mayah playing a very elegant game of croquet.

Bring it on :)

My non-costuming friend borrowed one of my dresses for the event and we were unintentionally colour-coordinated.

More silliness

The obligatory wedgie photo :)

Visiting the Museum of Old Vaasa. The house is the only private house from the 18th century left standing after the fire that destroyed Vaasa in 1852.

The first floor of the house was decorated in the Empire style. Observe the clavier piano.

Mia and the fabulous fireplace
Not touching, can't get mad.

Admiring the king's likeness in the dining room.

Sanna in her absolutely lovely Regency dress. She looked so perfect.

There was another piano in the second floor dining room. I believe this is a clavichord.

I really like this photo, the room was very quiet in colour, the walls were grey and the chest of drawers too. My red hat and shoes stand out wonderfully here.

Mia did wonders with my hair for the day

Mia and myself posing with the coat of arms of Vaasa

There were a lot of stairs in that house...

We also dropped by the former adminstrative court house of Vaasa, now a church, that was nearby. This is the only other house from the 18th century that didn't burn down. It's massive, spectacular and really quite beautiful. There was a wedding under way, so we couldn't go in.

Since we had people in both 18th century clothes and in Regency, we tried to re-enact this 1797 satirical print from the British Museum. "Ah, quelle antiquité!" - "Oh, quelle folie que la nouveauté..."

Pose, pose, pose

I was very happy with my clothes for the day. The good old fern dress never fails and the hat proved to be a good one.

Intercentury croquet match

All the empire dresses