torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

1790s round gown and beaded bodice

It's been a long time, sorry! I've done some sewing, but haven't got around taking photos. Today I took the trouble to dress up in a 1790s dress and bodice I finished recently, and I'm rather pleased with the look.
For the gown I used the Tidens Toj pattern for a 1790s round gown. I originally cut the hem a bit too short so I had to add a strip of fabric on it to remedy that blunder. I ended up turning that strip of fabric double and actually I rather like the way it looks and gives the hem a little bit of weight and body.
The fabric is this lovely very lightweight and almost see-through silk-viscose blend that I've used for chemisettes earlier but I always knew I wanted to make a Regency gown out of it as well.

The beaded bodice is a Regency era acessory that seemed to be popular in the early years 1800s; there are several fashion plates depicting different variations. The beading pattern I chose to make may not be exactly period but I like it anyway.

The hem is massive, there's all together 3 widths of the fabric in it.

I'll probably make a bit more of an effort with my hair for an event, but this isn't half bad for late 1790s. I have most of my hair up in a bun under the turban, and I quickly curled the fringe I left out of the bun all around my head. For an event I'd put my hair in pin curls when wet the night before, sleep on it and then do something like this with a scarf.

You've got a have a massive feather. No excuses.

I've got a train!