tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013

Block printing

So, I've been slaving away with the pelisse trimmings and have almost finished the left side. Still some beading to do (found more beads in the shop, hooray!) and then I can move on to the right side. After that it's just finishing, sewing on the collar, and attaching the bodice lining, the front edge facings and the hooks and eyes. Can't believe it's nearly done!

My block print stamps that I ordered a couple of weeks ago came yesterday! They're so pretty!

I ordered the three big stamps, the little flower stamp was an additional present :)

I dyed the flannel and I really like the result: the colourway was supposed to be Tulip Red, but it's more like very vibrant fuchsia. Today I printed it with my new stamps and the fabric looks great! The paint I used is Panduro Palett, colour yellow for dark fabrics (they have two lines, for light and dark fabrics). I just dabbed the paint on the stamps with some superlon and printed away. The trick is to have enough paint on the stamp, even what would look like too much. At least that worked for the flannel.

I still need to do some more printing because I only did half of the fabric. It was surprisingly fast work and fun, too. Can't wait to print a gown fabric with the stamps!

tiistai 14. toukokuuta 2013

Things from 1820s and 1920s

First things first: the Nordiska Museet spencer is finished. Here's the original:

I haven't been able to find any information on this on the internet, so the picture is my photo of a photo in a book called Empirens Döttrar (transl. Daughters of the Empire or Daughters of the Regency Age, depending on one's point of view). The book says that this is a riding habit from ca. the 1820s.

Here's my version of it, worn with my massive red bonnet. The hat is maybe leaning over to the 1830s, but I like it anyway :) As said I haven't yet found suitable decorative buttons but the jacket works well without them, too.

I really like the silhouette here.

The gown is the very first Regency dress I ever made, with the fern embroideries on the hem.

Ok, let's take a time-warping jump, 100 years ahead. I've been waiting the Great Gatsby movie for ages and it finally opens here this week. With that in mind, I made a little cloche hat which I intend to wear with my American Duchess Skidoos when I go and see the film :) I drafted the hat pattern myself, but I was inspired by this DL Designs hat. Have a look at some photos, do!

Overtaken by the Charleston craze

The shoes are actually red and white, it doesn't show here very well

The brim can be worn asymmetrically like this or symmetrically, framing the face more

20s-esque accessories with the only actual thing from the 20s in my possession: my fiddle, built in 1928 

By the way, I've also been a good girl and started sewing on the pelisse trimmings :)

perjantai 10. toukokuuta 2013

A quick post on what's to come

I've been busy with the needle lately. The Nordiska Museet spencer is done (sans the decorative buttons, as I haven't found anything suitable yet, and I need 104 of them...) and I'm currently hemming the blue, to-be-embroidered-with-white gown. I was very inspired by the neckline of this dress and I think I've managed to create something akin to it. My dress will have short sleeves, so I can make a long-sleeved chemisette to be worn under it.

The pelisse is still waiting for the trimmings. I was lucky to find more of the fabric when I was visiting another city (and met up with the lovely Rococo Atelier, btw :) ), so nothing is going to save me from making an buttload of rouleaux piping now.

Today was one of those days when you go to town to look for something and come home with five other things besides. I went to buy bargain flannel to make me a dressing gown and just happened to find cotton,  just the perfect shade of green. And it was on sale, too. So, let's add a new 18th century petticoat on my to-do list. Then I got the idea of embroidering it, something like this, this or this. I must be mad or both.

I also ordered wooden block print stamps from Blockwallah, because I have one such stamp and I've been meaning to print a gown fabric with it but (as usual) haven't found the suitable fabric yet. Now I think I'll try the stamps on the dressing gown and then print a gown fabric if I ever find any. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find suitably thin, white (but not too white) cotton.

These are the stamps I ordered: