torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

The to do list, so far...(and loads of photos)

Still no sewing here, except for this folk dress, a feresi it's called, and some ribbon weaving. So, a good time to list the pieces I mean to make when I get my act together again.

First, the pelisse. Or more like, THE PELISSE. It's gorgeous. It needs to be made. It's so ultra-stylish and perfect that I'm a little scared to try my hand in making a replica of it. I saw it in September at the Museum of London and instantly thought "I need to make this for Jane Austen Festival next year". Obviously, the museum has better pictures on its web pages (here) but here are some of mine as well.

I can't decide which colour my pelisse should be. The original is fairly light bluey-grey and it looks very nice but I don't think it's really me.

The trimming is lovely. I can't make out what fastenings this thing uses.

Then there's this spencer, from a museum in Stockholm. It's actually the jacket of a riding habit which I spotted in a book about Regency women, fashion etc. (Persson, Helen: Empirens Döttrar - Kultur och mode under tidigt 1800-tal). I just want the spencer because the braidwork and embroidery are to die for.

I should also make new stays, both 18th century and Regency. I don't really like staymaking, so I'm putting it off, only I can't really make new gowns before I have the stays, so it's a vicious circle. I did finish that black swallow tail jacket, though, and I'm very pleased with it. Here are some pics of it:

The stomacher is pinned on the stays.

I filled out the bum roll :)

The black ribbons are apron strings.

I'm standing on a stool to get a full lenght photo. Black clothes don't photograph well without good lighting. This ensemble has somehow very Dutch or French feel to it (at least to me).

 Lastly, some close-ups of the red frilly spencer.

The front is pinned togehter, and the top is adjusted with the ribbons.

tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2013

New year, new spencer

Happy New Year! First day of the year 2013 today, and I'm diligently documenting my first costuming event for the year. I cheated a bit; I started making the new spencer yesterday and only finished today, but that counts, no?

The spencer in question has been on my to-do list for a long time, ever since I first laid my eyes on it. I'm talking of this delightful little number:

The Christie's auction house page states that it's from the 1790s, so a perfect companion to the white round gown I have!

I was really prudent and didn't buy any new material for this jacket; I took apart a pair of linen capris I had made some years ago (which I never wore anyway because wide-legged capris? I don't think so :P ). I really wanted to use the nice fabric for something, so luckily there was just enough for this little project. I used my standard Regency bodice pattern for the back and remodeled the front by using my drop-front gown pattern. Because I didn't have any extra material, I chose to make the sleeves elbow lenght, but that goes nicely with the period look anyway. I used the same sleeve pattern as for the black print jacket. The jacket is entirely hand-sewn and lined with white batiste.

The original spencer has nice trim around the hem and the neckline, so I might add some to mine as well.

All the pieces cut (except the sleeves)