maanantai 20. elokuuta 2018

1880s natural form walking suit

I have one word for this project. Meh. I lost interest in working on it halfway through and forced myself to finish it. I honestly don't know what it is with this suit. Maybe the colour is not my favourite, but as I had a lot of the lighter colour fabric in stash I thought I had to use it. The bodice has some fit issues and I think I need to put bones in the seams and darts to reduce the annoying wrinkling. Then again it might just be the character of the fabric. So, meh. I'm half-heartedly planning to make a hat to go with this, I have black straw braid for it.

I'm wearing my late Victorian corset and chemise, plus a little sleeveless undershirt with a ruffle collar. I revised my natural form petticoat because in its earlier form it showed under the shorter skirt. I cut the hem straight, removing the slight trainage on it and put a drawstring to gather the back of the skirt around mid-thigh level. I'm also wearing a small bumpad under the skirts.

Some I-don't-even-care photos here. Whatever. :P

The symmetry of the buttons is off. I have to reposition them. If I ever get around doing it.