sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2019

1920s photoshoot

It seems that the only costuming stuff I do these days are photoshoots...
I had another day out with, and this time I took my 20s dresses and cocoon coat out for a spin. I also had a chance to wear the über-oriental tiara again.

I made both the dresses out of vintage saris and I'm fairly pleased with them. The patterns are my own, and especially the buttercream and black one I pretty much draped on the dress form and went from there.

I don't really have any proper twenties foundation garments, and in retrospect something busom-flattening would have been good. Ah well, next time.

I was happy with my hairdo for once; I changed my hair care routine in the beginning of this year, with the goal of embracing my natural curls and I really love it so far. For this 20s do I refreshed my curls, set my hair in pin curls with my curling cream and slept on it. In the morning I took the curls down and managed to produce a fairly decent, pseudo-marcel waved look. Win :)

For the coat I used the Folkwear Poiret Cocoon Coat  pattern and I'm happy with that too.

This way to the photos (which turned out too too divine).

No corset, I'm gonna lounge!

I kept feeling like a sphinx or something, wearing that crown, so we tried our hand in some 1920s surrealism. I have no idea what's going on here.

The Ankle

An Irish dancer, trying to do other dance styles: what do I do with my arms, help?!