torstai 10. toukokuuta 2018

1910s photo shoot

My photographer friend and I had a day out some weeks ago, first taking photos of the walking dress outdoors and then in the studio, photographing the 1910s evening dress. My friend is still working on the studio photos, but I have the outdoors photos and I just wanted to share because they turned out very nice. My home town has several early 20th century buildings, built either before 1910 or in 1910s, so we could take our pick really :)

Edit: I got the studio photos today and added them here :)

Onwards to photos! All photos @ Suvi Korpi

It was very sunny and very windy too.

There's this late 19th century wooden gazebo in one of the parks in town. I think it used to be a kiosk.

Wetplate edit :)

We had a bit of trouble with the 1910s houses in the city centre because there are so many cars everywhere. In the end we took a couple of photos in the gateway of one of the more impressive houses and moved on to quieter streets.

A sudden musical number :)

The house itself looks like this, it was built in 1910-1912.
It has the most amazing bug decorations.

This is on the front steps of a local upper secondary / high school. It used to be a girls only high school until the 1950s.

It looks like I'm hailing a taxicab.

A taster of the studio photos.... :)

But wait, there's more!

I sort of get the fuss about ankles now.

There's an Art Nouveau painting/drawing like this, I'm certain, but can't find it now.

I love the train on this dress!

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  1. Love this outfit and enjoy how the curve of the jacket hem matches the arch way in the old school photos. So interesting how the blue changes in tone according to the light. Elegant and smart

  2. You look lovely! These images are wonderful!

  3. Love how the studio portraits look like drawings and paintings. Also love the evening dress and especially the 3rd pic. Seeing clothes on a real body is so much better than a museum mannequin. The movement and layering of the evening gown has a real spirit

  4. This is beautiful! The fabric really makes the outfit!

    I'd like to let you know that I've nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Your sewing projects are always meticulous and such an inspiration!