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Revisiting the blue robe à la Francaise

I made my first and so far only robe à la Francaise in 2015 but never wore it to an event until the Christmas ball last November. As I had reworked the trimming entirely, I thought to write a new post about it.
Initially I was happy about the general shape of the robe but the trimmings I first put on it did not feel right. So last year I finally got around changing them and the result is in my opinion much better, frillier, and definitely much more 18th century. The trims consist of  ruched robe fabric frills wit pinked edges, double edged wide lace pleated partly on top of that and partly winding around it, taffeta bows, and hand-crocheted-by-me trim on the sleeve frill edges. The petticoat is also decorated with the same lace and bows and to tie it together with the robe (since they are of different fabrics) I put a net ruffle on the hem of the petticoat. I might make a new petticoat later if I ever manage to find suitable fabric, but the one I have now works fine, too. I still have to adjust the engageantes, because I attached them too low under the sleeve frills and they reach my wrists, which they really shouldn't.
The photos below were all taken by Sanna of Rococo Atelier, and Mia did wonders with my hair.

I had some misgivings about having TOO MUCH frills and bows on this, but then I got over it. Too much frou frou in the 18th century? There is no such thing.

Looking at pictures of the latest hair styles.

The feathers refused to settle and kept turning into this very bunny ears type of an arrangement so I just gave up trying to fix it :P

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