sunnuntai 21. tammikuuta 2018

1910s project: gaiters

In addition to the 1910s evening dress I made for the Independence Day centennial last year, I've made a walking dress which is roughly 1914 style but could with a bit of imagination work also for 1918. I thought to write bit posts about the different parts of the suit before doing a proper photo shoot of the entire thing. I still need to make a hat (or two) to go with it and until I find an affordable hat block in right size I don't want to take pictures of the suit.

I've fallen completely for the 1910s styles, and I especially like the 1914 fashion and also 1918-1919 styles. 1915-1917 are not as attractive in my opinion, I'm not a fan of the wide frilly skirts of those 3 years. One accessory I've always wanted to make and which went very nicely with this project are gaiters (or spats). They come up in fashion plates and mail order catalogues of the time, though sometimes it's a little difficult to tell if they're gaiters or button boots.

I made my own pattern by draping it directly on my foot and leg, while wearing the shoes I intend to use with the suit anyway. I made a toile draping with some scrap cotton fabric and then cut the actual gaiters with that. The gaiters have seams at centre front and back and a button closure on the outside of the foot. they also have elastic straps that go under the shoe and attach with a button on one end (the other is sewn on, obviously). I found really nice tightly woven wool fabric (it was cheap too) and I cut all the pieces on the bias to make the gaiters fit nicely around the ankle and foot. These were mostly machine sewn and I'm especially pleased how well a special edge stitch worked on the top and bottom edges of the gaiters. I'm very happy with them and can't wait to wear them with the suit!

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