tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013

Block printing

So, I've been slaving away with the pelisse trimmings and have almost finished the left side. Still some beading to do (found more beads in the shop, hooray!) and then I can move on to the right side. After that it's just finishing, sewing on the collar, and attaching the bodice lining, the front edge facings and the hooks and eyes. Can't believe it's nearly done!

My block print stamps that I ordered a couple of weeks ago came yesterday! They're so pretty!

I ordered the three big stamps, the little flower stamp was an additional present :)

I dyed the flannel and I really like the result: the colourway was supposed to be Tulip Red, but it's more like very vibrant fuchsia. Today I printed it with my new stamps and the fabric looks great! The paint I used is Panduro Palett, colour yellow for dark fabrics (they have two lines, for light and dark fabrics). I just dabbed the paint on the stamps with some superlon and printed away. The trick is to have enough paint on the stamp, even what would look like too much. At least that worked for the flannel.

I still need to do some more printing because I only did half of the fabric. It was surprisingly fast work and fun, too. Can't wait to print a gown fabric with the stamps!

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