lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

Finished sari gown

Today I finally finished the sari gown I started a while back. I'm fairly pleased with the results even though the turquoise gown bodice kept giving me grief and I had to adjust it three times, and it still doesn't fit right. Ah, well, once the open robe is worn on top of it there's none the wiser what is hidden underneath... :) The gown and the robe are very nice and light on, and I just can't wait for Jane Austen Festival again to get to wear it. Here are some photos I took today.

Another drop front gown. I'm not sure if I should add the ribbons to tie the drop front; now it's just pinned on and it's working fine.

This is absolutely the first and last time I'll use a sari blouse for bodice. It just doesn't fit right, whatever you do :P

I whipped up a turban using the left-over scraps of gown fabric.

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From this.... this!

Originally, this fashion plate picture inspired me a lot.

...Here's my version of it :)

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