torstai 4. lokakuuta 2012

Past 18th century projects revisited

Last weekend I finally had time and energy to take a look at the 18th c. garments I have made so far. I decided to take some proper photos of them all to see how they look and fit. Here are the results.

Pockets, embroidery pattern from Eggiman's Yllebroderier

Yellow stays

Will. Not. Laugh... The silliest piece of clothing I've ever made, the pocket hoops. After the pattern in Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines.

Not much of a bum roll, I think I need to fill this up a bit or make a new one.

A smug expression is essential.
Eeek! Legs! I knitted the stockings; a very plain toe-up model, the yarn is silk-merino blend.

Green taffeta petticoat. Very lightweight, very nice to wear.

The petticoat with a caraco, fichu and ha hat made out of paper yarn. I like this ensemble the best.

Embroidered buttons with a different flower on each of them.

Working that politely disdainful expression. "Out of my way, peasant." I threw on the paniers under the petticoat even though it wasn't cut and measured for them. Still, it kind of works.

Hope my bum looks big enough.

These aren't that wide.

An anglaise-type gown. The taffeta is maybe a wee bit too shiny.

Robe retroussée dans les poches.

The sleeves were inspired by that blue caraco in KCI collection.

4 kommenttia:

  1. JOulubaali on tulossa vielä tänä vuonna jos pääset osallistumaan! :)

    1. Uuu, olispa hauskaa! Pitää katsoa, jos pääsen tulemaan.

  2. I am happy that i found your blog. It is very nice!
    The Dress with the dark taffeta is really beautiful and i don't think that it is too shiny. not in the Pictures. :P
    The sleeves are of course eye catching and make the Dress perfect!

    1. Thank you and welcome! I have mixed feelings about the purple taffeta gown - I haven't looked at it for a while now, maybe it has improved :) Thanks for your compliments!