sunnuntai 27. huhtikuuta 2014


I have no ribbon, so I can't finish the Courtois dress. I have no yarn, so I can't get started with embroidering and stitching the dance dress. I have no(t enough) money, so I can't buy the (perfect) fabric for an 18th century riding habit. I have no one to help me with the fitting, so I can't make an evening bodice for the Courtois dress skirts.

Ergo, I'm stuck.

This means that I need to wait before I can continue with any of the above, which means that I need a project to tide me over until then. To the fabric stash!

Today I found myself thinking that what if I finally made 1790s jacket and gilet? You know, inspired by the famous KCI jacket and gilet. I don't want to make an exact reproduction because that has been done by others several times over (and very beautifully too, I might add). I simply like the shape of the garments and would like to try and make something that has that similar elegance. Also, when I first started costuming my first effort after I had managed to put together a set of 18th century underwear was an approximation of a pierrot jacket with a false zone front. It didn't really work out in the end but I'd like to have another try at  that 1790s style and see if I've learned anything over the years :)

I have some buttercream coloured taffeta which would be enough for the gilet/waistcoat fronts and I still have loads of green striped cotton which I originally bought for a robe à la francaise (a project doomed to fail from the start; it was too much too soon) but which eventually became a spencer and an open robe. I still have at least 2-3 metres of the stuff, so it should be more than enough for a short jacket and being striped, it fits the late 18th century style. I have a white, ruffled petticoat that I made for the red and white striped anglaise, so it would go nicely with the jacket and gilet, too.

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