sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

Bath, are you ready?

Let's begin with a massive beret. I finally found fabric for (unintentional alliteration, I better stop before it gets ridiculous...) a beret (phew!) that matches the pelisse. When I say matches, I don't mean it's exactly the same colour or even purple because that's just too matchy-matchy for my taste. That's what always bothered me with the bicorn hat, it's purpleness and too closely matching colour. So, a long story short, I found nice rosy satin, not too shiny or artificial looking and the colour looks very nice with the pelisse.
The beret has no particular pattern, I cut a circular piece, ca. 60cm in diameter, a headband that fits my head, pleated and sewed the beret piece on the headband, added lining, and folded the headband lenghtwise and sewed the edge. The feathers aren't sewn on, because I use them with other hats and headwear as well. Some photos of the whole get-up:

I have to adjust the feathers, they're not drooping the way I intended.

I kind of like the chemisette with the collar open like this as well

 There's my promenade costume all finished; can't believe that the Jane Austen Festival is less than a month away!

I've also been sewing some 18th century things. This was my first attempt at robe à l'Anglaise and at first it seemed that I had managed to fail spectacularly at it. I had cut the back too  long but luckily I was able to shorten it from the neck edge and now it looks the way it should. I still need to attach the sleeves and the trimming but the biggest part of it is done.
The pattern for the gown came from the Costume Close-Up by Linda Baumgarten. You know, the pink Williamsburg anglaise. I followed the pattern and the instructions quite closely and I like the result.
Note, this is NOT a pink gown. When I started sewing historical clothes I swore that I'd never make anything pink because that's just too cute and girly and just not my thing. I don't wear pink, period. So this gown, however it may appear, is not pink. the fabric has narrow red and white stripes and this makes it look, well, pink. But it's not :)

I want to make a white petticoat to go with this gown.

I really like the polonaise effect here. There are tapes on the inside of the skirt which are tied together to lift the hem.

See? Not pink.

Who am I kidding. It's pink. :P

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  1. Ah, your regency outfit is wonderful! I love your pelisse! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm very pleased with the pelisse too :)

  2. Your skills are amazing. AH-MAY-ZING. That pelisse! Eegads!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! You know, it was your blog and projects that first inspired me to take up costuming :)

  3. That pelisse will rock Bath :) Sooo beautiful - I love your garments.
    Hope you'll have lots of fun in Bath...and you will have to take tons of pictures!


    1. Thank you, Sabine! I try to take more pictures than last year; at least this year I'll have more time :)

  4. Oh my.....your purple pelisse is breathtaking!! I love the color and...well, the whole thing!! And our beret is quite fabulous as well!