lauantai 10. elokuuta 2013

An event post!

Today I had a chance to go to an actual event, and not 40km from where I live! I had a lovely day at the 18th century fair in Isokyrö, thanks to lovely musicians of the old music band Muskotti, fabulous costumers and re-enactors from Tampere and a campful of assorted soldiers. The pictures aren't that fantastic, but there was music, dancing and just perfect weather and beautiful scenery. There was a big battle between Sweden (Finland belonged to Sweden at the time) and Russia during the Great Northern war (1700-1721) and that's why they have the fair in Isokyrö.

Thus endeth the history lecture. Some pictures below.

Old music band Muskotti

This little girl went around the fair ground on stilts hour after hour

Assorted soldiers doing  demo with cannons

There was a big BANG and then smoke

Kyrö River

In the stocks

Fair grounds and the old Medieval church of Isokyrö, from ca. 1513


Tarot reading

Me at the church door

The clothes were very comfortable, even the new chinoiserie stays held up very nicely. The jacket is my version of the Swallow tail jacket and I made the cap yesterday

There were many 19th century graves in the church garden

The soldiers' funny hats

Muskotti playing dance tunes for us

The stays after I took them off tonight :)

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