perjantai 10. toukokuuta 2013

A quick post on what's to come

I've been busy with the needle lately. The Nordiska Museet spencer is done (sans the decorative buttons, as I haven't found anything suitable yet, and I need 104 of them...) and I'm currently hemming the blue, to-be-embroidered-with-white gown. I was very inspired by the neckline of this dress and I think I've managed to create something akin to it. My dress will have short sleeves, so I can make a long-sleeved chemisette to be worn under it.

The pelisse is still waiting for the trimmings. I was lucky to find more of the fabric when I was visiting another city (and met up with the lovely Rococo Atelier, btw :) ), so nothing is going to save me from making an buttload of rouleaux piping now.

Today was one of those days when you go to town to look for something and come home with five other things besides. I went to buy bargain flannel to make me a dressing gown and just happened to find cotton,  just the perfect shade of green. And it was on sale, too. So, let's add a new 18th century petticoat on my to-do list. Then I got the idea of embroidering it, something like this, this or this. I must be mad or both.

I also ordered wooden block print stamps from Blockwallah, because I have one such stamp and I've been meaning to print a gown fabric with it but (as usual) haven't found the suitable fabric yet. Now I think I'll try the stamps on the dressing gown and then print a gown fabric if I ever find any. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find suitably thin, white (but not too white) cotton.

These are the stamps I ordered:

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  1. You've been sooo productive! I've suffered from sewing depression lately so I haven't sewn anything ever since I started working... I've got the blue wool for the riding habit now but I still need to find suitable linen for the habit shirt so I haven't started making it yet... I thought I already had linen for it but there's not enough of it.

  2. Heh, sewing is my way to avoid doing the things I should be doing :P I can't wait to see your riding habit, the fabric was so nice!