torstai 4. huhtikuuta 2013


A little while ago, I received a long awaited parcel from America. Before Christmas I had ordered shoes from the fabulous American Duchess when she annouced the new 23Skidoo model. I knew I had to have them and placed the order as soon as it was possible. For good measure, I decided to buy not one  but two pairs, once I was paying for the customs and all that. So, long story short, after Christmas, both the lovely Skidoos and the gorgeous Astorias finally arrived.

Astorias, they're supposed to be "imperfect"(hence the lower price) but I can't see any imperfections. They're lovely!

The Skidoos, still pristine and white...

All my pretty shoes :)

This week I finally got around painting the Skidoos, as was my intention when I ordered the white ones. I also painted the other white t-straps I have.

Red and white!

I love the red and white combination, but I'm still not so sure about the other pair. Maybe I take the paint off of those, after all

I have kind of mixed feelings about the paint (Artidee leather paint) I used. The black paint worked fine and the result is very even, but the red paint (of the same brand, bought at the same time as the black...) was very difficult get even and in my opinion, the result could be better. However, I can't wait to wear the Skidoos in their new look!

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