maanantai 29. kesäkuuta 2015

An early 60s-esque summer dress

I dropped by the fabric shop on one rainy June day and came away with this fabric. It screamed early 60s to me, so clearly a dress was in order.

I have a good basic pattern for my favourite dress and I've used it to make 3 other dresses already. This time I wanted a summery version, no sleeves and a zipper closure.

So, here's a popular style from the summer of '63 :)

Awkward early 60s fashion pose.

I <3 The Beatles! This album wasn't released until November '63, but what the heck :)


I made the belt too, because I couldn't find anything from the shops. It's a length of wide black elastic band sewn onto a clasp. 

The hem is very full, I put three widths of the fabric in it, mainly because I didn't want to have any weird fabric scraps left over. The hem circumference is ca. 3,5 metres... :)

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