torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013

Robe à l'Anglaise retroussée & the frilly petticoat

The Jane Austen Festival and my trip to Bath are just a week away and I really should be putting finishing touches to my Regency wardrobe, but I couldn't resist sewing the striped anglaise. I even managed to find fabric for a petticoat, though at first it seemed a bit hopeless.

I made the anglaise after  Costume Close-up pattern and as it is my first proper anglaise gown with en fourreau back, I'm rather pleased with it. I'd like to fix the gaping front edges, but other than that, the gown is comfortable, fits well and I'm even beginning to get over that it does look rather pink. Everything is handsewn.

The petticoat is yet another ordinary petticoat, only this time I added a frill on the hem and made the skirt slightly shorter than usual because that looks good with the hem pulled up. I chose to machine sew the petticoat because the fabric (cotton with some sort of finish to make it slightly shiny) was very thightly woven and handsewing it felt like too much of an effort. Besides, sewing petticoats is boring, boring, boring. AND I had to hem not only the skirt itself but also the frill (ca. 6m in lenght) on both edges. Somehow that didn't  sound too appealing.

I'm hoping to wear this ensemble at a little ball at the end of September after I've returned from Bath.

I'm not sure if I should add some bows or ribbons

I really like the way that the petticoat looks here

Posing with the harp

6 kommenttia:

  1. Welcome to the dark side (even if it is actually striped). :) I've never been in to pink and thought I'd never make a pink gown but historical fashion looks often very nice in pink so now I've already made a few.

    It looks really lovely!

    And you must tell us all about Bath. I'm considering on going next year (maybe), so it would be nice to hear about your experience.

    1. Hehe, Thanks! :) When I started this costuming thing I swore I would not make anything pink, but look what happened... It's true, historical fashions do look good in pink, and with the 18th century clothes it's feels kind of compulsory task to make something that looks like candyfloss :)

      Bath (and the JA festival) is lovely! This is my second year, and this time I get to stay in Bath for the whole week! I try to take more photos than last year. It'd be wonderful if other costumers from Finland would come over, it really is a nice event. And you get to dress up every day :)

  2. What a scrumptious ensemble! The trim on the anglaise is perfectly balanced. You did such a wonderful job!

  3. Wow, I adore this gown! It's very sweet!
    And photo with the harp is the best! :)

    1. Thank you! The harp is very photogenic, it's true :)