sunnuntai 23. kesäkuuta 2013

Another gown

Hmm. Now that the pelisse is done I feel like I can move on to new projects. I took a little break from sewing after the pelisse to rest my fingers - with all the handsewing, fiddle and harp playing my poor fingers do deserve a little holiday :) - but now I'm at it again. I'm working on the blue gown I begun while I was procrastinating for sewing on the pelisse trimmings. So far, I've fixed the fit of the bodice (too wide to begin with), repleated the hem (too much of an Italian Renaissance going on with the first version) and started on the embroideries.

Surprisingly, it seems that this gown will be a sort of jumper version as the short sleeves I was planning to have didn't really work out. I'm also making a long-sleeved chemisette to go under the gown. Also, it's strange how often I'm choosing blue fabrics for my Regency gowns. For years I didn't wear blue at all, not because I hated the colour, but because it somehow felt very alien to wear blue clothes. However, lately my partiality to all things blue in period clothes has even influenced my everyday costume choices. Odd.

I don't have any presentable photos on this project at the moment, but here's a picture of another blue gown.

Wearing the sari gown at a masked ball

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