tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2012

Swallow tail jacket

Last weekend I started sewing the Costume Close-up (Baumgarten) swallow tail jacket and so far it's been a lovely project. My local library very obligingly added the Baumgarten book to their collection after my suggestion and I recently got it on loan, so I enlarged the pattern and was good to go. In an earlier post I mentioned the great tutorial written by Rebecca at A Fashionable Frolick and it really has helped me a lot. For once it was nice to have clear and structured instructions, rather than just winging it on the go.
Preparing to cut the pieces. I only had to lengthen the sleeve cap and the shoulder piece a bit, otherwise the pattern fits me fine.

Trying on the jacket. I whipped up a red cotton petticoat to go with it, too.

I really like the tails!

I need to tidy off the strange corners on the neck edge, make the stomacher and the lace holes.

The sleeves, just pinned on.
As said, I made a red cotton petticoat to go with the jacket. I also was thinking of making a green one, but a proper green fabric (aka. a shade I'd actually like) is very difficult to find here, so red is a good choice. I seem to have misplaced my cap, so maybe this calls for a new one. I'd like to do some proper whitework embroidery. Also, I need to make an apron. I've been toying with the idea of a black apron, but I'm not sure if that's period accurate. I know that black fabric was used for so-called better clothes, especially with the more rural folk, but I need to research a bit more. I just think that black would go better with the jacket and the petticoat than white.

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  1. Ooh, this is so cute and adorable! I really like that fabric and I've always loved that tail of this jacket, too!

    1. Thank you! I like the fabric too and the jacket pattern works like a dream!

    2. I've been looking for a nice brown floral fabric for some time now... it's surprisingly hard to find a nice one. Oh, why floral fabrics are so ugly today...

    3. Word. Sometimes you find nice things in quilting fabrics but most of the time finding nice materials even for ordinary clothes is such a pain :P I just can't get over the fact how difficult it is to find thin white or off-white cotton, or anything striped or dotted.