maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2012

Regency whites

My first Regency gown is ready! I might still add some more embroidery but it works fine as it is, too. The pattern was from the Janet Arnold book, the embroidery patterns I drew myself. Normally I never wear white (and I mean never) but this costume doesn't feel all that strange in its pristine whiteness. I have a mint green spencer in the making and it looks great with the gown but I want to make another one, maybe a black or a red one.

The gown with all the underthings (naturally :) ) and the chemisette I made with Janet Arnold's pattern. I really like the ruffly collar.

A gown like this would require a chamber maid to help one to put it on. Luckily I apparently have contortionistic abilites and managed to button up the back and tie the laces myself...

 You cant really see it in the first three photos, but the hem is actually embroidered with a rather large fern pattern. I drew the pattern myself and used fly stitch, chain stitch and something the embroidery book called the rosette chain stitch (pretty direct translation from Finnish; I tried to look for an English equivalent but couldn't find one) for the embroidery.

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