keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

Caraco in the making

For the past months I've been making a caraco jacket. Well, a kind of a caraco. It seems that there are many variations of this garment and mine is sort of a midway solution. I chose to make my caraco a little bit shorter because I'm short myself and a longer version looked a bit heavy.
Here everything is just pinned on as I was testing what the whole get-up would look together. Since then I've shortened the jacket a good 10cm and added ruched trimming made of the petticoat fabric (nice lightweight taffeta). I still have to set in sleeves, make the buttonholes to the false comperes front and sew on the buttons, with which I'm really pleased. The first time I tried embroidery on fabric-covered buttons and they turned out very nice :)

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